Saturday, June 1, 2013

Deals for under $50

Forever 21 always has great prices but I tend not to shop there as much anymore for two reasons. One, I'm a mom now and need to wear a little bit better quality clothes to stand up against continual washing. Two, their return policy is non-existent. You can only exchange merchandise which doesn't make it appealing to me since I usually buy a ton of stuff and only keep a few items.
JC Penny has really impressed me since Ellen got on board. Their clothes seem fun and fresh now. They have also acquired Joe Fresh, a Canadian brand, which I love.
Old Navy always has a lot of stuff I like. I mostly shop sales and promotions (which they always have). I also have an Old Navy card which I earn points toward credit to the store with each purchase.
Here are a few deals I found recently.  

                                                                      Forever 21

     Graduated Sequins Top- $22.80

                                                          Sleeveless Sheer Shirt- $15.80

                                                         Tie Front Animal Print Top- $17.80

                                                                       JC Penny

                                                                Pink Outfit- $26 total

                                                           Lace Trim Top Outfit- $30 total

                                                                     Old Navy

                                                 Women's Crochet-Lace Trim Tee- $12.99

                    Women's The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans- Orange- $12.97/ Olive- $10.97 

                                   Boatneck Tops- Red- $4.99/ Purple (My Favorite)- $9.99

How do you find great deals on clothes?

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