Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Closet Inventory: Part 2

Ok. So here's the final tally of my closet inventory. I am pleased to announce that my original guess of 235 was more than my actual count. Yay! Again, I didn't include purses, workout gear, maternity clothing, suits, work outfits etc.)   

Here is the post from part 1 if you missed it.

Tops- 88 (guessed 150)
-Sleeveless tops:  4
-Short sleeve: 30
-Long sleeve:  8
-Button downs: 8
-Blouses: 4
-Cardigans:  17
-Pullovers: 15
-Vests: 2

Bottoms- 45 (guessed 40)
-Jeans: 8
-Colored jeans: 5
-Pants:  5
-Shorts: 10
-Skirts:  17

Dressses-17 (guessed 10)

Jackets- 23 (guessed 20)
-Light jackets:  14
-Coats: 5

Shoes- 17 (guessed 25)
-Flats: 11
-Casual sandals:  6
-Sneakers:  4
-Boots:  1
Grand Total.......207 (guessed 235)

Here's my little walk-in closet tour. I keep my purses up top, and in the bins are workout clothes, PJs, socks, shorts, and miscellaneous items that I don't like to hang. I saved one shelf in the middle to display my jewelry. That way I get more use out of it instead of forgetting what I have and never accessorizing. 
Close-up of my jewelry shelf: bracelets on the left, earrings in the middle and rings and more delicate necklaces on the right.  

I generally like to keep my closet organized by type of top, i.e. short sleeve, long sleeve, etc. Occasionally I will change it up and prefer to browse by color instead.  I have integrated everything; short sleeve, long sleeve, pullovers, button-downs and blouses.

In the bins on the shelf, I keep college sweatshirts, scarves and other out of season clothing/accessories, such as my ear muffs.

I like to keep my jeans hung on this 8 hook rack. I used to be a huge fan of folding my jeans because I liked the way they looked in the stack, but they began to stink a little. Oops! Maybe I should wash them more!
I hang my necklaces and belts on Command Hooks behind the door so my little one doesn't grab at them. (The door is always open)

This is my shoe collection. All that is missing are my boots. I have paired down (paired! ha!) my shoe collection a lot over the years. We had a yard sale in March, and that pretty much cleaned me out. I tend to purchase more comfortable shoes-usually meaning they are more expensive, so I don't need to buy as many.  (Side note: my sister is a shoe collector/hoarder and owns over 250 pair!)

I keep my sandals on the far left because it hardly becomes too cold for sandals. Then I have my casual dresses, skirts, blazers and light jackets and cardigans. I don't integrate by color because I like to start with my base rather than the outer piece. I forgot to mention I let hubby have the bottom area for all his t-shirts.

Here is a cool panorama I took. It makes the closet seem huge when really it's about 4'x 10'.

That's it for now. Do you have a closet tour to share? I'd love to see how other ladies organize and what you do with the space you have.

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  1. Very nice! My closet inventory is on GCOGH. It's been very eye opening seeing all my stuff on there.


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