Monday, September 2, 2013

Looking up

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"maybe i will never sleep past seven in the morning and maybe i will never have time to brush my hair and maybe i will never be able to eat a full meal without getting up and down a million times. its worth it. maybe it will always take me twice as long to do everything and maybe i will never have a really clean house and maybe my days of staying out late with friends are over. its worth it. anything i have to give up is worth just that one minute when they look at me and call me mom, when those little hands grab mine and those big eyes look at me as if i hold the keys to the world. its worth it."

         -Katie Davis

Katie's words can be found on her blog, Kisses From Katie. I find them so true. My life with Katelyn is so different than the life I led childless. Staying up late, shopping, hanging out with friends (diving with sharks...just kidding), all things I loved doing until I had a baby. Suddenly it took hours to get out of the house, (usually extremely late), I looked like I hadn't slept in months (true), and most likely was still wearing my pajamas with owls on them from the night before (I have pictures).

Having a toddler is a little bit easier because I'm not as sleep deprived but it comes with it's own unique challenges. I hear "No!" a lot, tears are shed for no apparent reason, and things are put into mouths that should never be there. Despite these "challenges" I love everything about my life and would not change it. I'm so blessed. Katelyn looks at me with such love and adoration. It's truly amazing that I have been trusted with shaping her life. Thank you God!

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