Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cool Things

The Lord has been stirring in me like never before. He kept me up all last night just worshipping, reading and praying to him about what he wants for my life. I started reading Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis. It's about a girl from an affluent neighborhood in America who was radically changed after a visit to Rwanda. Her trip there was only supposed to be for a year, at least that's what she told her parents. God did something in her life while she was there,  he melted her heart towards those broken, hurting people. She went back and is still serving there after five years. Katie started an organization to sponsor children in need go to school. I'm only a few chapters into reading about her journey and only a few blog posts in on her blog, but I am so shaken up by her stories. Her tales of caring for the sick and dying mothers and children are truly heartbreaking. Katie tells about one little girl with open sores all over her body and insects infesting her feet. This little girl has no parents to wash her and care for her. My heart sank as I thought of bathing my daughter and how easy it is to do so. My clean water comes from the faucet. It is free-flowing and never scarce. I will teach Katelyn about proper hygiene and there will never be a question of whether she is able to clean herself or have enough water to drink. Katie's little girl is HIV positive and probably won't live.

In the wee hours of the morning I asked God how can I live like Katie? How can I live completely sold out as a wife and mother. I know God isn't calling me to Africa, at least not right now. Although I don't have a clear direction for what to do or how to do it, I will trust that God will light my path.

A few things that have come to mind are spending a few hours a week serving women or families in need right in my own back yard. Even as I write this, ideas are popping in my head. I'm thinking of getting a list from church of those families in need of groceries/personal care items that I might be able to deliver. Maybe cleaning/organizing another mom's home or running errands for an elderly person.

I feel so blessed. I have never been hungry in my life. I have never been lonely. God has always been right by my side. I have an amazing husband and wonderful, smart little girl.

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