Sunday, October 20, 2013

Closet: Sunday Best


Dress: Target (tailored by me)
Sweater: Paris
Leggings: Loft
Flats: Marshalls
Belt: J Crew
Necklace: Hawaii
I tried a new hairstyle. It was supposed to be a bow but I didn't have time to wrap the middle part to finish it. Oh Well!

Shopping Fast Update: Day 50
I went to the mall to kill some time and saw this huge sale at Ann Taylor! I really wanted to rush in and start trying things on but restrained myself.
I need to remind myself how important it is to retrain my thinking to not shop out of habit. There is so much more at stake here than just saving a few dollars. I have a toddler that will soon be a kindergartner, who will soon be a pre-teen and so on... I need to model for her that using the things we have in new ways can be fun. God had blessed us with things that we need to be good stewards of.
I'm still struggling with wanting to break my fast, but I know I will not regret finishing strong.

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