Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Curly Twists

 We went to see my nephew dedicated at my borther-in-law's church last week. I liked the way my hair came out for the event.

I started with a loose curl all over. I used my new inStyler, which works really well by the way. Then, I pulled most of the hair in the back up a little to create some volume and pinned it with a million bobby pins because that's what my hair requires. I pulled hair from each side back, twisting away from my face and crossing over one another. Again, I used another million bobby pins to achieve this look. My hair is WAY too think to skimp on the pins.

I'm always a fan of volume and whenever I come close, I snap a picture to remember I actually did it. My hair is naturally wavy and really think and heavy. This style has become a go-to of mine to look like I put some time into it rather than throwing it up into a pony. 

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