Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shopping Fast Update: Day 56

I was at the mall with my in-laws and Katelyn. While they took her on the train and carousel, mom had some free time to go "shopping." I didn't buy anything...again, but it felt nice to have 30 minutes to browse without a toddler throwing Elmo all over the store.
Top and Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Dr Scholl's
Necklace: Claire's
Purse: Target

I had $40 in rewards to spend at Banana Republic, Gap or Old Navy but I found I have been really picky about what I bring home. I have a million t-shirts and jeans so I'm not even looking at those. I still try on shoes thinking if they wow me on comfort, I'm sold. (At my style session I was told I could use a few more pair of shoes that were different colors since mine are mostly neutral) I'm looking for purses and jewelry- more looking for quality pieces that won't break after three uses, and possibly one or two more awesome fitting blazers/dresses.

Remember this post about my closet? All the things I think I "need" are actually wants. Just look at my closet tour! My frustrations come when I just want to shop to shop! I crave that rush of purchasing. I long for the thrill of a great deal. Shopping has become recreation for me and I want that to stop.

My goal is to shop purposefully and only bring home quality pieces I will love and get use out of. Think CPW, cost per wear. It might be more feasible to make a more expensive purchase, like a pair of boots for $100. If I wear those boots through the fall and summer, say 50 times, the CPW is $2. On the other hand an inexpensive t-shirt might only cost $7 but it pills after one wear, CPW is $7. This is more on track with how I want my clothes buying to be.

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