Saturday, October 12, 2013

Style Session

I had a mini style session yesterday with a stylist that spoke at MOPS a few weeks back. She helps people find holes in their closets and gives them a fresh perspective on color combos and remixing. That was exactly what I was looking for!

I felt like I needed a fresh look at my clothing to help me pair things in new ways. It's like editing your own paper, sometimes you need a brand new set of eyes to look at it. Others can usually bring new ideas even after you think you've thought of everything.

I was so impressed with her color choices and pairing seemingly opposite pieces together to make completely new outfits. As she was choosing different pieces, I was saying, "Oooooo" and "Ahhhhh" because I had NEVER thought to put that together. It was exciting to see what she came up with.

Here are a few pictures of our session. More to come.

I especially have trouble with pencil skirts. I don't feel like I can wear them as often because my lifestyle with a little one doesn't always lend itself to nice skirts. She showed me different combos for church or when I want to look a little nicer.

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