Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting healthier

I find myself making up too many rules that I feel the need to immediately break. No eating after 7pm. Sweets only every other day. Three serving of both fruits and veggies. Yada yada yada!

I'm done with all that. My new plan is going to be...wait for it... just eat healthy. For goodness sakes, why didn't I think of this before? When I worked at a bank, we had the opportunity to take a nutrition class at lunch. A certified nutritionist brought examples for us of what a healthy plate looked like. Half the plate were "free foods." Veggies, greens etc. 1/4 was startches/carbs and the last 1/4 was for protein. It looked similar to this.

I remember walking a whole hour on my lunch breaks and eating healthy small meals throughout the day. I have always battled my love of candy and did back then too but somehow I had so much more self control when I knew I had to sit all day.

These days, I'm more active. I participate in a "Get Fit Moms" group on Facebook for all the MOPS moms. We do 4-6 week challenges and pay $5 into a pot. If you work out three times a week doing 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength, you have a chance at the pot at the end of the challenge. I won last time so it really motivated me to do it again. Currently, I am more active but I also spend a ton of time at home. On the couch. With a Starburst in my mouth. Or a Reese's. You get the idea.

The plan: When deciding what to eat, try to eat the healthiest version of whatever it is. For example, at the mall food court- Salad, dressing on the side. At home- instead of a Hot Pocket, I will make a healthy sandwhich. Also, I will try subbing a piece of fruit for the candy I usually have hidden in various places throughout my house.

What's your plan for eating healthy? Do make sure to get enough fruits and veggies?

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