Friday, December 6, 2013

Finally, the Thanksgiving post!

Happy way too late Thanksgiving!
I saw this fall letter idea on Pinterest and had to do it. The F is a hodgepodge of pumpkin colors. The A is a candy corn. The Ls are polka dots and a chevron fall colored pattern. One of my favorite projects to date.
I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever this year. That's right, first timer here! Although I didn't cook a turkey, I made most of the side dishes and all the desserts, and I have to say that I loved everything.
My sister brought a tofurkey. No one touched it besides her. By the time I saw it I was full.

My veggies were popular but were shifted in transit.

This dip was the best our of all the recipes I tried. It's a salted caramel dip. Mouth watering!

Grandma made the stuffing and a cucumber salad.

My cousin brought the mashed potatoes and I made this amazing Couscous/kale/pomegranate salad.

As you can see, the green bean casserole was a smash.
Everything went smoothly as far as cooking goes. I do find it extremely difficult to keep everything warm. Any tips?
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  1. That fruit dip looks amazing and I love the fall letters on your door! Sounds like a very fun day!! <3

    1. Thanks Darcy. That dip was amazing. I ate it for many days after as well.


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