Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Shopping List

I've started a new monthly series for 2014. I'm tracking all my "selfish" spending for the year with the hope that it keeps me more accountable. I was finalizing our budget for 2013 and was embarrassed at how much I spent, so I won't say. I will say that I commit to spend only a fraction of that horrible number this year. To start off with a bang, I gave myself $20 for January. What?!!! "That's nothing!" you say?? Well, that 's what I thought too, but I was able to stretch the heck out of that $20! 

Here's what I got...


Crossroads Trading Co. (Resale shop)
1. Gap Red Plaid Shirt- $7.50
2. Banana Republic Orange Shirt- $4.75
3. Loft Dark Green Cardigan- $10.50
Crossroads Total- $24.91- paid in full by gift card!

4. Black Floral Top- $5
5. Orange Gap Dress- $8 (This is a sewing project. It will fit when I'm done)
Goodwill Total: $13

Old Navy
6. White Teardrop Necklace- $9.95
7. Black Plaid Scarf -Price $6.49
8. Silver Statement Necklace- $9.95
9. Rose Gold Hanging Studs- $5.95
Stuff for Katelyn- $3.99
Total- $36.33
Old Navy Cash- ($10)
Gap Reward- ($20)
Old Navy Total- $6.33

Month Total- $19.33

Yes! A tight budget with room for fun can work if you play it smart. Do you have any tips shopping tips to add?

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  1. Amazing! I've gotten some deals before, but this is pretty incredible. Way to go, Felicia!!


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