Friday, February 7, 2014

Hollywood sign

Here are a few scenes from my first ever hike to the Hollywood sign. That's pretty pathetic coming from someone who has lived in Los Angeles all her life. I have no idea why, I just never did.
I decided to plan out dates for the year for my husband and I and this was our January date.

A surprising amount of college students were there too and we had fun just listening to their conversations. We are people listeners. While some are people watchers, we just eavesdrop. It was interesting to hear about their summer plans to work for their parents, vacations to New York, and even summer school. It reminded us of when we met and how different life was back then. So nice to remember simpler times and when our romance began.
Do you like to get nostalgic too?


  1. Visiting the Hollywood sign is on my to do list. Your pictures inspire me to go there and get it crossed off my list! I love thinking back to college too. You're right that it was a much simpler time!


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