Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shopping Desires for 2014

I've mentioned my reasons for not shopping so much but here are a few "needs" that my closet is lacking. (I put needs in quotes because I don't actually NEED anything. My needs are met in the clothing department. My one and only true need is Jesus!)
Yellow/Mustard Cardigan- Budget $20; Hope $10
I have been loving this color for a while but haven't seen any around lately. It's great for pretty much all seasons and so versatile.

Blue Cardigan- Budget $20; Hope $10
I have a lot of neutral colors; white, tan, brown, black. I'd like to get a little more colorful but I think blue can still pair really well with a lot.

Midi Skirt- Budget $30; Hope $15

I LOVE both of these skirts and how they are worn. I have a black and a red midi skirt but would love to get a floral and/or a more "spring" type color.

Replacement Ankle Booties- Budget $50; Hope $30
Mine were bought at Forever 21 in September. After FOUR days of use, the zipper quit on me so I went to exchange them for another pair. The sales clerk gave me some guff because they had been worn but agreed to let me have a new pair. Last week, the zipper broke! I guess you get what you pay for... Broken down, my cost per wear would look like this-

Cost- $32.80, call it $35 with tax and worn probably 20 times
$35/20=$1.75 per wear.
I think this is pretty good considering I will still wear them with the broken zipper. I think I can use a safety pin to close the gap and look like a hipster in the process.

Low wedges- Budget $50; Hope $30
A comfy pair of wedges have always been on my list but I fear any sort of heel more than anything else! I can't get past the falling! It will happen trust me. I would have to make sure they were a little lower than this AND comfortable in order for me to buy a pair.

Silver hoops- Budget $20; Hope $ 10
These silver hoops would go with anything! I have some thin gold ones but adding a pair of silver hoops would be great.

Slippers- Budget $20; Hope $10
My slippers form Christmas 2012 just took a turn for the worst. I really like slippers with arch support and full front and back coverage. I hate walking around barefoot on hardwood/tile floors. Yuck!

The max on my budget for these items would be $210. I'll tell you right now, I won't be spending that much. I will try to get it down under or as close to $115 as possible. I think it can be done!!!

Are you on the hunt for anything in particular this year? If so, what kind of budget, if any, do you set for yourself?

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