Monday, March 3, 2014

February Shopping List

Macy's- Lucky Brand Shoes: $17.22
I thought these shoes were so cute and when I scanned them, they came up as $15 so I had to get them. I've been looking for some similar to this in boot form but I couldn't pass them up!

H&M- Yellow Cardigan: $16.29

Old Navy-
White Speckled Sweater: $12.49
Blue Cardigan: $14.99
Black Capris: $15
Pink Capris: $15
Total: $57.48
Rewards and Gap Card discount: (50+10% off)
ON Total- $6.73

Butterfly Top: $4.99
Black/gray Dress: $7.99
Gray Tunic Top: $7.99
Hello Kitty Bag: $1.99
Purple Polka Dot top for Katelyn: $1.99
Total (with tax): $26.95


 Crossroads Trading Co.-
Polka Dot Tunic Top: $18.50
Floral Maxi Dress: $22.50
Gift Card: ($21.63)
Total: $23.27

February Spending Total: $90.46
+ January Total: $19.22
Total YTD: 109.68

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