Wednesday, July 9, 2014

June Spending Report

Kohl's- $0

  I used Kohl's cash that someone gave me so these cutie pie items were free!

Banana Republic Factory-$3

Off Broadway Shoes- $56
Pink Keds- $24
Purple Sketchers- $32

I was sooooo excited when I tried these pink shoes on. It's like walking on pillows!!!! They are nothing like regular Keds that have almost no support and padding. 

Gap Outlet- $2 

H&M Denmark- $36.22
Floral Dress

Sketchers- $40.88
Blue Laceless Slip Ons- $20.44
Tan Stripe Slip Ons- $20.44

Can you tell I wore these puppies all around Europe?

YTD + June
 $391.11+ $133.10= $524.21
Approx. $87/month

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