Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July Spending Report

I used Birthday money to buy all of this so I didn't end up spending anything!!!

Navy Polka Dot scarf from Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach

Yoga Mat Sandals from a surf shop

J Brand Jeans via thredUP

LL Bean Polka Dot Sweater via thredUP

Loft Tank

Forever 21 Top from Goodwill

YTD + July = $524.21
Approx. $75/month

I'm hoping to get my monthly total down to $60/month so I'm trying to spend as little as possible. I have about $200 for the rest of the year. I can do it!!!


  1. Great job! I love all of your finds, especially the last tank from Forever 21.

    1. Thanks! It goes with so many things in my closet right now!


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